This is a list of things to do in case you're involved in an auto accident. Once you complete these steps, call our Claims Department at 1-844-582-7969 to report your claim. We'll take it from there. Having your policy information will be helpful to our claim takers.


Stay calm. Think safety first.

Check all parties involved for injuries. If injuries are serious and it is safe for passengers to remain in the vehicle, do not move the injured - moving them may make their injuries worse.

Call the police or paramedics.

If injuries are involved, call the police or paramedics immediately. Be sure to follow their instructions.

Move your vehicle to safety.

Moving your vehicle away from traffic will help you avoid further damage. Make sure it is safe to move the vehicle before you do so.



Exchange information.

Show your driver's license and registration to the other driver, the injured persons, and police officers present. Show written proof of auto insurance to a police officer. Include the name of your insurance carrier and policy number.

Gather information.

Write down the name, address, phone number, driver's license state and number, plate number, and insurance carrier of the other driver(s) involved. Also write down the name, address and phone number of any passengers or witnesses.

Don't discuss responsibility.

Don't discuss responsibility for the accident or the circumstances of the accident with anyone except a representative of Century-National. Don't discuss the financial limits of your policy either. Leave that to us.

Record the details.

Try to write down a detailed account of the accident as soon as possible. Details fade with time, so don't delay. Make sure you include the date, time and location of the accident, as well as the parties involved. Write down a

description of how the accident happened, and describe the type and location of damage to all vehicles and property involved. This will help our Claims Representative expedite your claim.

File a claim.

Call our Claims Department at 1-844-582-7969  to file a claim.  To download a Loss Information Form, click here.

Report the accident.

In the state of California, an accident must be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days if someone is killed, injured, or the property damage exceeds $750. Just call us. We can help you with this.


At Century-National, we pride ourselves with providing some of the best Claims services available. We're here to help you through this process and make it as comfortable as possible. Just call your Claims Representative if you have any questions.

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