Century-National is an expert in the West, serving customers in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. How many times have we seen major insurers place moratoriums and restrictions on customers, especially after major events like the Northridge earthquake? Or perhaps dramatically increase premiums to recoup their losses. With most major insurers whose headquarters are in the East, decisions such as these are made at the corporate level 2 or 3 times zones away. Century-National does not operate in this fashion. We live and work here just like you. We believe the customer comes first, as evidenced by our actions following the Northridge earthquake. Customers came to Century-National to get home insurance when no other company in the market would meet their needs. Disasters like wildfires and earthquakes will continue to affect our lives in the future, and it is our goal to meet the needs of customers at the very time they need us most.


Century-National Insurance Company is formed by Weldon Wilson and Lawrence Kramer. In 1974 Members Insurance Company is acquired and merged into Century-National. Members was originally incorporated in 1956



under the laws of California. Automobile physical damage insurance is the company’s mainstay at this time.


Century-National is still primarily an auto physical damage insurer for private passenger vehicles. In 1982 the company begins offering liability and collision insurance for commercial vehicles. Small businesses are our main market. This eventually becomes one of the company’s major areas of insurance, second only to homeowners insurance.


Major corporate customers included Ford Motor Credit, Nissan Motors Acceptance, and Toyota Motor Credit. These companies used Century-National to provide auto physical damage insurance to their customers. Of even greater significance for Century-National is that 1986 is the year the company begins offering homeowners insurance. Before long, this becomes the largest part of the business.

January 17, 1994

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake strikes the heavily populated area of Northridge, California, resulting in the second worst natural catastrophe loss at the time, second only to Hurricane Andrew. $18.5 billion in insured losses is the result. Virtually the entire insurance industry places a moratorium on offering homeowner insurance to new customers. Century-National is the rare exception. Insurance applications

flood in to our office as new home buyers, needing insurance to close escrows, discover that Century-National stands ready to help. In the ensuing two years, Century-National’s homeowner business grows nearly five times what it was prior to Northridge.


Personal Auto insurance division is formed to offer discount-priced auto insurance to low risk drivers. Available discounts include credit for having both your home and auto insured with Century-National.


Due to a handful of well publicized legal cases regarding homeowners mold damage, an unprecedented number of mold related claims are filed by customers. Once again, major insurance companies place moratoriums on accepting new customers. Century-National responds by meeting the demands of homeowners unable to find insurance. This results in a 32% increase in policyholders between 2002 and 2004.

October 25- November 4, 2003

Wildfires rage throughout Southern California resulting in the second costliest wildfire losses in California history. With an ever growing customer base, Century-National receives over 400 wildfire claims and eventually pays out in excess of $40,000,000 for wildfire claims.

June 2004

 Company reaches milestone with 250,000 home and auto policyholders.

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