If you have a question that you don't see here, call one of our Claims representatives at 1-844-582-7969.

To submit a PERSONAL AUTO claim, simply call our Claims Department at 844-582-7969 to report your claim. We'll take it from there. Having your policy information will be helpful to our claim takers.


To download a "Loss Information Form", select this link:


We've compiled a list of things to do in case you're involved in an auto accident. Select this link:




What should I do in the event of an accident?

There are many things you can do in the case of an accident, but the first thing is to remain calm. Check all passengers for injuries first, then call the police or paramedics if necessary. If it is safe, move your vehicle away from traffic, then collect the other driver's information. For a detailed list of what to do in case of an accident, select this link ACCIDENT INFORMATION.  The LOSS INFORMATION FORM should be kept in your vehicle and completed at the scene of an accident. 

How do I Initiate a Claim?

Just call the Claims Department at 1-844-582-7969.

What if I can't drive my car after the accident?

If your car is inoperable as a result of a covered Comprehensive or Collision loss, have it towed to the body shop of your choice or the nearest body shop, and we will reimburse you for reasonable tow charges.

What happens when I call the Claims Department An Initial Claims Processor will obtain loss information from you and make an appointment for your car to be appraised.  You will be asked about accident details and any information you have on the other parties involved in the accident.  Your claim will then be assigned to auto adjuster for further handling.

What happens after the appraiser has inspected my vehicle?

Once the costs of repairs associated with the loss have been established, an estimate will be forwarded to your auto adjuster.

What if someone is injured in an accident?

Try to obtain all possible loss information from any injured party, including where they were seated in the vehicle, if they were wearing a seatbelt, and any other information you feel is relevant.

What if a third party is responsible for my damages?

Our Subrogation team will seek to recover from the responsible party or their insurance company, all money paid out on your claim.  This includes your deductible and any out of pocket expenses you may have incurred, which can be refunded to you based on our recovery from the third party.

How will I be paid?

Once your covered loss has been fully investigated and evaluated, payment will be issued based on the established cost of repairs less your deductible. If your vehicle is financed, your lienholder will be listed as an additional payee.

When can I request a rental car if I have Rental Reimbursement?

As soon as your car goes into the shop for repairs, you can request a rental car from your adjuster. However, if your car is not drivable due to this loss, you can request a rental car immediately. * In Arizona, the term Rental Reimbursement is known as "Transportation Expense."

Is the rental car covered while I am driving it?

Your present auto policy coverages apply to the rental car while you're using it. If your policy does not carry rental car coverage, and the other party's insurance company has accepted financial responsibility for the accident, you should contact that insurance company for a rental car.

Will my rates go up because of the accident?

An increase in your auto insurance premium is dependent upon the circumstances surrounding the accident. Until your loss is actually settled, however, we will not know if your premium will be affected.  Chargeable accidents will cause premiums to increase in most cases.  Generally, an accident is chargeable if you are determined to be more than 50% at-fault and the accident either results in Property Damage exceeding $1,000, or results in Bodily Injury or Death.

How can I help the claims process?

There are a number of things you can do to help the claims process. Try to write down facts while they are still fresh in your mind, as details can become less vivid over time. Promptly complete and return any forms we send to you. If you obtain an advance copy of the police report or any additional information you feel is important, or if you are contacted or receive correspondence from any other insurance company or legal representative, please notify us immediately with the information. Do not give any statements, either written or verbal, to anyone other than your Century-National Insurance representative, or police officials for the accident facts they request. Remember to include your Century-National policy and claim number on all correspondence.

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