Century-National Insurance Company and its affiliates are committed to protecting your privacy.  That’s because our business depends on the trust you place in us.  The information we do collect is gathered to ensure accurate and secure delivery of our services to you and to provide a more personalized insurance shopping experience.

Please see below our answers to past questions on how we protect your personal information.  If you have any concerns, questions or comments, be sure to CONTACT US or you can e-mail us at

“What information do you collect?”

We collect personal information about you from insurance applications or other forms you may complete; or from your business dealings with us and other companies; or from consumer reporting agencies, all as a part of the delivery of our insurance products and services to you.

The amount of information we collect depends on you.  We only collect the information needed to accurately process your quote or service your policy or to contact you about one of our other products.  It is used exclusively for that purpose.

“How do you protect my information?

It is our policy to prohibit unauthorized access, disclosure, duplication, modification, diversion, destruction, loss, misuse, or theft of your information. We work hard to protect the information that you have entrusted to us, and we make every effort to ensure the integrity and security of our systems. For example, your account information and transaction history are kept safely behind our firewalls on separate, access-controlled servers so you shouldnt need to worry about hackers.

Next, we stay on the leading edge of todays technology when it comes to protecting your personal information. For Internet transactions, we employ powerful 256-bit encryption (SSL or Secured Socket Layer) technology in all areas where your personal identity is required. If you are using a password protected part of our site, you can help us ensure your privacy by not sharing your account user name or password with anyone.

For additional protection, our website is certified by Network Solutions, LLC ., who is a leading provider of Internet security services. A Network Solutions certificate, also called a digital certificate, creates an encrypted link between our web site and your PCs browser software. This encrypted link ensures that all data passed between your browser and our Web site remains private and secure. This certificate also is your assurance that our site is authentic and that we're employing strong SSL security.

Lastly, to be sure you have the most protection available, be sure to download the latest version of your browser software, including any updates or patches. For more information, please contact your browser's publisher.




“Who can see my account information?”

Access to your personal information is restricted within our company on a “need to know” basis to help provide maximum security. This means that only those authorized insurance, customer service and accounting staff who need to know your data in order to service your account, can see your information.  Occasionally, other personnel, such as systems or programming staff, may have occasional access but only when necessary and that access is controlled.

“Do you purchase information about your customers from other companies?

Yes, we do.  For marketing and sales to potential customers, we may purchase solicitation lists from others so that we may mail offers for our products or make them aware of services that we have.   For our current customers, we frequently purchase third party information as a basic part of the insurance transaction.  For automobile insurance, the information we purchase includes motor vehicle records, data from credit reporting agencies and claims loss history.  For property insurance, we obtain information such as home or building construction type, square footage, the year of construction or other pertinent information as well as prior claims loss history data.  We may also purchase an on-site inspection with a photograph of your property from an independent inspection services firm.  When you apply to purchase a policy from us, you give us permission to obtain this information.

“What kind of information do you share and with whom do you share it with?”

We may disclose information from your policy; such as your name, address, telephone number, policy number or other forms, or information about your transactions with us, such as your policy coverage, premiums, payment or loss history with our affiliates or others.  For example, we will share information with your agent, adjusters, attorneys, or other insurance companies who will help process or settle any claims you might have, or to assist in the repair of your automobile or property.  We may also share information with other organizations involved in the reporting of claim information, or to auditors or regulating agencies as required by law. We may share nonpublic personal information about you with affiliates and non-affiliated third parties, as permitted by law to provide you with superior service, inform you of product and service opportunities that may be of interest to you, or for other business purposes. 

“Is my information used for any other purpose?

We do not sell your personal information or share it with any mailing lists businesses or telemarketing companies.  The law does allow us to share your information with our affiliates – other members of the Century-National family of companies.  Sometimes we will use it to tell you about insurance products, features, options or information that may be of interest to you.   If you would prefer not to receive these, please be sure to CONTACT US or you can e-mail us at

“What about e-mail?

If you supply us your e-mail address, we may contact you via e-mail with information on new products or services or sometimes send other noteworthy information.  We will not share your e-mail address with anyone outside of the Century-National Insurance family of companies.  


Most importantly, you will never receive an e-mail from us asking you to send personal financial information back to us in an email.  If you receive such an e-mail, please CONTACT US directly by phone or EMAIL US to verify the request.

“Do you use cookies?

“Cookies ” are small text files created by a web server that are stored on a visitor's computer.  They provide a way for our website to keep track of a you as you move through our website’s pages so you will need to set your browser to accept cookies.  The information collected or stored in these cookies includes which site you came from and which pages you viewed during your visit at our web site.  This information helps us to determine if our web pages are working for you as we want them to.  Also, this information is kept in a secure area within our company.

"How can I review my account information?"

It is important to both you and the company that our records be accurate and current. Thus, upon request, we will provide you an opportunity to review recorded personal information, except that which we have gathered in connection with a claim, or a legal action, either civil or criminal. To make such a review, you must properly identify yourself, and submit a written request in which you describe the personal information.

Within 30 days after receipt of your request we will inform you of the nature and substance of any such information we may have gathered, allow you to see and copy it or provide you a copy, and advise you of disclosures of such information made within the 2 years prior to your request. We may charge a reasonable fee to cover the cost of providing copies of personal information

"What can I do if I disagree with your records?"

If, after reading the information in your file, you believe it is incorrect, you may make a written request to correct, amend or delete any of that information.

Within 30 business days of receipt of your request we will take such action or advise you of the reason(s) why we will not do so. If we refuse to take the action requested you have the right to file a supplementary statement. The supplementary statement should be a concise statement of what you believe is the correct information and why you disagree with our refusal to correct it.

In the event we agree to take the action you requested, we will advise you, any person specifically designated by you who may have received the recorded personal information within the preceding 2 years and other agencies or organizations which either provided us the information or to which we have made disclosures. Additionally, if you submit a supplementary statement we will file it with the disputed personal information. If we make a disclosure of the disputed personal information, the recipient will receive a copy of the supplementary statement.  Furthermore, we will make the same distribution of the supplementary statement as would have been made of corrected personal information.

Again, if you have any other concerns or comments about this Privacy Confidentiality and Security statement, please CONTACT US or e-mail us at with the words “Privacy Policy” in the e-mail’s subject line.  We will do our best to answer your concern promptly.

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